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AMIS blog 2006 part 1

This post is an aggregation of the blog articles I posted on the AMIS blog. This post contains my first 10 articles of 2006

date title
7-apr-2006 Getting started with Cobertura – A Java Code Coverage Tool
Cobertura a coverage tool. A coverage tool shows how many lines of code are touched. In most cases you’ll use Cobertura to see how good your regressions test are. You can also use it to see how many lines of code are reached or to improve code that is accessed a lot. Cobertura will generate HTML or XML reports. Cobertura… [more]
13-apr-2006 Getting started with Spring-web-mvc and the Spring IDE-plugin – creating a simple web application
At the last KC (about Acegi Security) there was a discussion about how easy it is making typo’s in Spring xml files. If you mistype something your application won’t work and it can be difficult to track down your error. Also typing all the class names is something you don’t want. A former colleague told me about a plugin… [more]
27-apr-2006 Parsing RSS and Atom with ROME, easier is impossible
ROME is a java library to do things with RSS and Atom feeds. Things can be reading, writing, merging and converting. Because RSS and Atom feeds are a standard there is one standard Object where every entry in the feed is converted to (SyndEntry). In this article I’ll describe how easy it is to parse an RSS feed with ROME. Some … [more]
27-apr-2006 Better Builds With Maven – Free book about Maven 2
When I was browsing through some articles on JRoller I found this interesting free book. As far as I know this is the first book about Maven 2. There is a book on Amazon that is released earlier this month but it says nothing about Maven 1 or 2 (and that’s a huge difference!)
Quote from … [more]
1-may-2006 Resizing images in Java using Java2D
Last friday a customer asked us if we knew how to resize images in java. Their clients are uploading images that need to be resized automatically. In the past I did some things with Java 2D and knew there was a lot possible with Java 2D. So I started to look there. After a few minutes I found the … [more]
3-may-2006 Writing your own Eclipse plugin – How to show the blog headlines in Eclipse
Writing a plugin for Eclipse sounds scary and difficult. A few years ago I had to do a project with some other students for school. The project was writing an application that works as a plugin in Eclipse. It was terrible, no documentation about creating the plugin,
the javadoc didn’t help either and the teachers that should have … [more]
9-may-2006 AJAX validation with Spring without changing any java-code
One of the nice things of the Struts framework was the client and server side validation. New frameworks like Spring and JSF have no client side validation (yet). I read some things about commons validator (the one used in Struts) in combination with Spring. But we reached the ajax-era, so the javascript alert boxes should be used for debugging … [more]
12-may-2006 Getting started with iBatis – a great alternative for JDBC
iBatis is a java library that maps the results of a query on java objects (hence it’s also known as SqlMap) Besides that there is something called dynamic queries, caching of queries, transactions and calling stored procedures. Most people use plain old JDBC, EJB3 or Hibernate to get data from a database. JDBC is easy … [more]
15-may-2006 Advanced Javascript debugging with FireBug and analyzing your page with View Source Chart
FireBug is a debug tool that integrates with FireFox. You can change the DOM-tree, do logging, analyze AJAX-traffic, have advanced error reporting and probably some things I haven’t found out yet. I’m using it for a few days and I really love it. Debugging Javascript the old way is like making fire with some stones, eventually a fire will … [more]
31-may-2006 Pitfalls in Internet Explorer – How to cover them up or walk around them
I recently had to do a lot of Javascript and CSS scripting for a project. I have some experience with Javascript and CSS and know how to work around little quirks in Internet Explorer and FireFox. But now I had to do advanced things (manipulating the DOM-tree, AJAX, layouts that had to be very precise (if one pixel … [more]
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