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Getting started with Akka Stream Kafka – Using Kafka the reactive streams way

19 September 2016 7 comments

A few days ago my eyes fell on a new release of Akka Stream Kafka. Since I’m doing a lot with Kafka currently and I really wanted to get my hands dirty with Akka this sounded very good. Also a good opportunity to see if an upgrade to Kafka (from is worth while (since older versions of Kafka are not supported in Akka Stream Kafka 0.11).

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Finding the link between heart rate and running pace with Spark ML – Fitting a linear regression model

2 September 2016 1 comment

Besides crafting software I’m an avid runner and cyclist. Firstly for my health and secondly because of all the cool gadgets there are available. Recently I started with a Coursera course on Machine Learning and with that knowledge I combined the output of my running watch with Spark ML. In this article I discuss how to load gps and heart rate data to a linear regression model and ultimately get a formula with heart rate as input and running pace as output.

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