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Setting up your logging with SLF4J – How to automate the prevention of mistakes and disappearing log statements

Properly setting up your logging is not as trivial as many people think. The big problem is that many people will stop worrying about their logging setup once they see logging output. There is a chance you forgot about the output of a few other logging libraries you transitively got into your project. This article will show you which libraries to use or exclude to prevent missing log statements. Then I’ll show a method to fail your build when a conflicting library accidentally crept into your project.

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The Cargo Daemon – For ‘intense’ redeployments with Maven

When you’re doing continuous integration with frequent redeployments you might run into out of memory errors or some things that won’t unload properly. The Cargo daemon will solve this for you. Before reading any further you have to promise that this is no excuse to skip testing for memory leaks!
In this article I will explain how to deploy multiple applications in a Tomcat container including some jdbc-drivers. I will use the cargo-maven2-plugin since this is the easiest option when using Jenkins (or any other ci-environment).

I won’t go too deep into all the configuration options since the manual is pretty good. I just want to get you up and running a bit faster.

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