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Understanding Spark parameters – A step by step guide to tune your Spark job

15 February 2015 1 comment

After using Spark for a few months we thought we had a pretty good grip on how to use it. The documentation of Spark appeared pretty decent and we had acceptable performance on most jobs. On one Job we kept hitting limits which were much lower than with that Jobs predecessor (Storm). When we did some research we found out we didn’t understand Spark as good as we thought.
My colleague Jethro pointed me to an article by Gerard Maas and I found another great article by Michael Noll. Combined with the Spark docs and some Googlin’ I wrote this article to help you tune your Spark Job. We improved our throughput by 600% (and then the elasticsearch cluster became the new bottle neck)

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Boosting with wildcards in elasticsearch

While preparing my presentation I discovered that boosting with wildcards wasn’t working. I kind of promised to blog about it, so here it is šŸ™‚

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My NLJUG presentation on elasticsearch

Last thursday I gave a talk about elasticsearch on the Dutch Java User Group conference (JFall) called “Full text search met ElasticSearch in de praktijk”. Yes it’s in Dutch but I still want to share it with you, it might contain some useful tips and tricks.

How sharding in elasticsearch makes scoring a little less accurate and what to do about it

11 September 2013 3 comments

Currently I’m using a small dataset (about 3500 records) on ElasticSearch and saw some strange scoring. Hits that should have exactly the same score had _almost_ the same score. Almost the same is kind of a problem since we sort our data on score and name. After some researching it appeared sharding was the issue here. With only one shard the problem is solved. If you want to know how I found out and what alternatives you have please stay tuned.

updated @ Sep 13: Zachary Tong pointed me to an article with a much better solution (read: the right solution šŸ˜‰ ). I added the second to last paragraph to explain it.

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Diacritics in ElasticSearch – Fix it in two places and also watch your encoding while your at it

A few weeks ago I solved an issue with ElasticSearch where some search results with diacritics didn’t show up in the results. At least, I thought I did. There are quite a few places where it can go wrong. In this article I’ll explain these places and how to fix the issues.

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Add search field priority to Elasticsearch (works for every Lucene based framework)

Last week a ‘bug’ was filed where the end users of our application wanted search results with a match on the name given more priority than a match on the address (we’re talking about searching for a company). Since I used Lucene a lot I thought it was just ‘boosting’ the name field. It appeared to be a bit more difficult. Maybe because Elasticsearch behaves differently, but probably because my Lucene knowledge has some rusty colorations.
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JPA with versioning and full text search – Mixing Hibernate Envers with elasticsearch

I’m working on a project where we need to search the data the ‘google way’ and keep a history of every change in the data. Since a requirement is that we have to store the data in an sql database I started with Hibernate JPA. Hibernate Envers was added for versioning. For the Google search (or just full text search) I needed something with Lucene in the background. Hibernate Search seemed like a good combination.

Pretty soon I found out that Envers and Search don’t mix very well and a little search on the Hibernate forum confirmed it [1]. Envers and Search are great products, don’t get me wrong, but this time it didn’t work out.

Furthermore it’s good to know that I’m also using Spring, which can mess up things pretty bad. Again it’s a lethal cocktail, nothing to do with the quality of the frameworks.
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