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When you tried high available logging and ended up with ‘mostly-available’ – How to setup Logback with GELF with TCP and HAProxy

Recently we ran into a problem where our logging disappeared sometimes. This happened after switching to an HAProxy load balancer. After many hours and some wireshark sessions we found an incorrect setting in HAProxy and apparently left out some important configuration in Logback. Idle connections were killed by HAProxy and we didn’t know there was a way to see that this happened.
This article may also be interesting when you run into disappearing or stale connections with HAProxy.

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Why HTTP/2 with TLS is not supported properly in Java 8 – And what you can do about it

Recently I got a bit frustrated that Undertow is still the only HTTP/2 server in Java that properly supports HTTP/2 with TLS. Today I found out I was being unreasonable. After watching a talk it appeared there’s a good reason for it: TLS in Java cancels a large part of the latency improvement of HTTP/2.

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