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JPA with versioning and full text search – Mixing Hibernate Envers with elasticsearch

I’m working on a project where we need to search the data the ‘google way’ and keep a history of every change in the data. Since a requirement is that we have to store the data in an sql database I started with Hibernate JPA. Hibernate Envers was added for versioning. For the Google search (or just full text search) I needed something with Lucene in the background. Hibernate Search seemed like a good combination.

Pretty soon I found out that Envers and Search don’t mix very well and a little search on the Hibernate forum confirmed it [1]. Envers and Search are great products, don’t get me wrong, but this time it didn’t work out.

Furthermore it’s good to know that I’m also using Spring, which can mess up things pretty bad. Again it’s a lethal cocktail, nothing to do with the quality of the frameworks.
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