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Why HTTP/2 with TLS is not supported properly in Java 8 – And what you can do about it

Recently I got a bit frustrated that Undertow is still the only HTTP/2 server in Java that properly supports HTTP/2 with TLS. Today I found out I was being unreasonable. After watching a talk it appeared there’s a good reason for it: TLS in Java cancels a large part of the latency improvement of HTTP/2.

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Spring Boot with HTTP/2 – Start a server and make REST calls as a client

Since HTTP/2 is gaining momentum I thought it would be a nice experiment to see if it’s possible to convert some applications to HTTP/2. We have a bunch of Spring Boot micro services and those services communicate with each other via REST calls. All communication happens via JSON (Jackson 2). Running Spring Boot with HTTP/2 should be easy and hopefully Spring RestTemplate supports HTTP/2 for the inter service communication. Let’s see…

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How to capture and decode HTTP/2 traffic with Wireshark

Last JavaOne I attended ‘HTTP 2.0 – What do I need to know?’, an excellent talk by Hadi Hariri. Many of the solutions of HTTP/2 are solutions to problems I face daily. Since I’m a curious guy I wanted to know what was happening at packet level in this awesomeness. Soon I faced SSL-decoded-packet-problems (in practice all HTTP/2 traffic is encrypted). Hadi mentioned Wireshark had support to solve this problem. He made it sound very easy, but since I wrote this article it was a bit harder.
The method I’ll explain to decode HTTP/2 can also be applied to HTTP/1.1

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